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I am Karim Bektash. I am a computer engineer and I provide technology services. An accomplished sales/business development strategist offering 25 years of cumulative experience in the areas of sales and marketing, business development, technical planning and project management within the data communications domain in the IT industry. Expertise in evaluating a strategic fit of potential opportunities, developing strong leadership teams and implementing effective solutions to ensure business growth, profitability and sustainability. Motivational leader displaying strong interpersonal skills while contributing to “best business solutions” for key clients as per corporate governance procedures.


Areas of expertise that may be of interest to you include:



  • Policy Development

  • Worldwide Sales

  • Revenue Generation

  • Global Business Development

  • Corporate Development

  • Project Management (from Concept to Completion)

  • Global Marketing Campaign

  • Sales and Marketing Presentations

  • Strategic Analysis

  • Corporate Positioning

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Market Research and Analysis

  • New Market Penetration

  • Brand Awareness

  • Revamp Product Management

  • Product Launches

  • In-house and Outsourced Marketing

  • Marketing Communications

  • Contract Negotiation




We intend to be a leading entrepreneur  in providing state of the art professional services. This will significantly contribute in positioning a diversity of business entities in the best way possible all over the Middle Eastern and North African regions.



Products and Services



Fleet Tracking and Management






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