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This includes Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Client Management and Team Management.

Sales and Marketing

Spearheading daily operations of the sales department while maintaining focus on achieving strategic goals of the company.

Analyzing sales statistics to determine business growth potential.

Providing timely, accurate and competitive pricing on applications submitted for pricing and approval while striving towards maintaining maximum profit margin.

Devising action plans at individual and team level for obtaining enhanced sales leads and prospects.

Suggesting creative selling techniques based on market and product knowledge.

Preparing strategic marketing plans for the company.

Making presentations on product launches and purchasing and sales.

Client Management

Acting as an ambassador for the company while developing relationships with clients to augment sales.

Effectively communicating between potential clients and the team and providing a strong team while establishing appropriate client expectations.

Conducting proposal presentations and preparing RFP responses.

Providing executive-level representation at high stake meetings with prospective clients and channel partners.

Tracking and reviewing customer information, forecasts and reports.

Business Development

Identifying and reporting on business opportunities in target markets.

Increasing market share in existing markets while maximizing new business development opportunities.

Responsible for profit and loss (P&L) management.

Initiating and coordinating strategic business development activities for new market penetration.






Team Management

Acting as a role model for sales executives while driving a sales force to achieve increase in revenue and profitability.

Providing leadership and direction to the sales department.

Leading sales activities, departments and personnel involved in sales and marketing functions.Mentoring key account executives while ensuring enhanced performance and work standards.

Effectively communicating company policies, procedures and business ethics codes within the team and ensuring team members adhere to them.

Organizing team meetings weekly to delegate tasks, addressing issues and recording weekly sales figures.Providing timely feedback to senior management on individual employee performance.

Maintaining accurate records of pricing, sales and activity reports submitted by account executives.

Assisting sales teams in preparing proposals and presentations.

Implementing policies for improving employee and the company standards.

Overseeing hiring, training and development of personnel involved in sales.


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